About Friedemann Victor

B.Sc.Psychology, Therapist, Coach

The desire for a fulfilled life

As the son of a pastor and a doctor, my interest in accompanying and supporting people in their transformation was born as a child. But it took me several years and many paths before I found my calling. My life had various stages in store for me that allowed me to look deep into my own soul, psychology and spirituality, but also into those of others.

Studying psychology, becoming a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, gaining experience abroad in private clinics, and delving deeply into different religions and spiritual forms have now led me to my own practice to help people like you.

Life holds surprises and challenges for each of us. Sometimes easier and sometimes almost insurmountable. Sometimes we feel lost, sometimes the burden seems to crush us and sometimes we get in our own way with feelings, behavior patterns and habits.

But we all just want to live a happy and fulfilling life, don’t we?

My understanding of therapy

The most important thing in therapy is a good relationship between patient and therapist. In the end, the method plays the lesser role in healing. If the relationship is not right, it is impossible to trust and open up. That’s why openness to everything you are and have experienced plays a major role for me as a therapist.

I don’t judge, because there are good and justified intentions behind our disruptive behaviors. Uncovering these and transforming them into well-functioning solutions requires trust. That is why it is important to me that you feel that you are in good hands and understood. Only then can we work on changes using tried and tested methods. It is my greatest pleasure to accompany and encourage you in this process.

You are welcome to get to know me in a free initial consultation and we can talk together about how I can help you.